Líder mundial en la fabricación de soportes cerámicos para soldaduras con la mejor tecnología y calidad.


  • The the CBM-80 series, the most popular product family made by DONG IL Ceramics, are widely used as a welding supplement for shipbuilding, marine plants, and any other steel constructions.
  • The CBM-80 series consists of aluminium adhesive tape, which is specially designed for the heat resistance, and ceramic blocks, which can resist strong heat shock
  • The CBM-80 series can be used for most types of one-sided welding, including FCAW and GMAW.
  • The CBM-80 series can be applied to all welding posture (1G, 2G, 3G, 4G).
  • The CBM-80 series, which improved welding efficiency remarkably, can not only shorten the working hours but also guarantee the excellent slag removability and top quality of backside bead formation (Smooth and clean).


  • The CBM-G22 series, which are specially designed for SAW (Submerge Arc Welding), is the most widely used welding back up tape at foreign and Korean shipyards, such as HHI, DSME, SHI, STX, HSHI and others.
  • DONG IL Ceramics is the holder an exclusive patent in Korea and other countries for the CBM-G22 series.
  • The CBM-G22 series are the best products to be able single pass welding up to 25t steel plate.
  • Due to easy fitting up and removal with Al-tape, welders can not only increase their productivity but also cut welding time and costs.
  • Due to the flexibility of product conecto, the CBM-G22 series can be applied to curved area on the front and back of vessel.
  • With Ceramics, environment-friendly materials, not with solid flux, the CBM-G22 series can minimize dust and noxious gas generation.
  • The CBM-G22 series are products with fiber glass, not asbestos.


  • CBM-600 series are specially designed for Electro Gas Arc Welding and a specialized welding material for vertical up welding.
  • CBM-600 series, the SEG Arc Backing material, are categorized as standard product, lightened product and product for tandem (less than 80t
  • CBM-600 series can not only improve welding efficiency, such as Key-hole observability and Welding progress but also form an excellent backside bead).
  • CBM-600
    Ceramic blocks are inserted to metal case. Suitable for high-heat impu...
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